I’ve known Angelus for several years and my first exposure to his talent was visiting his amazing Haunted House attraction. Then in 2010, he played a key role in facilitating two Success Genie personal development workshops I attended. His understanding and presentation of concepts involving the metaphysical, spiritual and scientific points of view catalyzed an amazing and lasting transformation in my quest for self-actualization. He is an incredibly multi-talented, unique and accomplished person.
Tanya Detrik
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I am a 45 years old woman and in mid December of 2009 I was diagnosed with a chronic illness.  My energy was always low, I felt far less than normal and my mental health was beginning to suffer, (depression started to set in).  I have been seeking professional medical help and nothing seemed to really make a difference in improving my health. I was at the end of my rope.  Angelus came to our house in March 2010, and has been our advisor ever since.  He started by sending me to other health practitioners that specialized in my illness and I learned that no one doctor knows every thing.  It really pays to do your home work and get a second, and/or third opinion. Angelus’ advice was practical, no nonsense approach and backed by scientific literature.  Slowly, the quality of my life started to return.  I have more energy, my over all out ward appearance has improved and my mental depression has been replaced with hope and gratitude.

I continue to take Angeles’s advice in changing what I ate, how I prepared meals, dealt with daily stress, educated my self on basic nutrition and changed my mental point of view.  Angelus inspired me to think positive through all this and that I came first.    The interesting thing about this journey is that every thing Angelus advised is well documented and works with the established medical profession.   He seems to know a lot about what most of us take for granted, (Our Health).  He also seems to know what doctors are best for me.

To date I feel better and on the road to a full recovery mind, body, and soul. I wouldn’t know what to do without Angelus’s guidance, his mentoring, and support.
Doreen Rodriguez

Accounting Clerk II/Benefits
Bridgeport Board of Education

Angelus, I would like to take this moment to thank you on the excellent job you did on my Wolverine claws that your company created for my costume a few years ago. The quality was high caliber! At the time there was no product like it in the market. The gloves fit well with the custom made device and retracted and extended just like you designed them. I highly recommend you to anyone who wishes to have unique custom made items!
Rick Felix

Angelus, I would like to thank you on the education I received from you on my quest to discover the paranormal and the unknown. For many years I was very curious about the supernatural and strange phenomenon. On my search I found  you to be a very valuable source of knowledge and wisdom. I count you as a reliable source for my furthering education in this field and I highly recommend you to anyone who is on this journey as well.
Rick Felix

Angelus has the ability to provide keen insights into not only the situation that you are dealing with but also into the situation or beliefs that brought you to the situation. I have known, worked with and admired Angelus and his work for about 5 years, and his insights are always spot on. If you desire fluff go elsewhere, but if you can appreciate direct thoughtful and truthful information, then Angelus will not disappoint.
Mark Heminway

My name is Mark S. Rivera. I am a life long friend of Angelus, I consider him to be my brother, and he has always helped me with many things which have occurred in my life. We went to high school together and it was an honor to be in his presence. His knowledge back then was only a mere taste of what was to come in the future. I feel he is capable of helping people who are open minded and willing to help themselves through his guidance, direction and instruction. I will describe two occasions in which he helped me and my family. The first one is when he went with me to Yale New Haven Hospital to help my sister in law’s grandson who was brutally beaten and in a coma. We were invited by the family and it was to simply go into the room and pray for him according to Angelus. He and I went into the room alone and I stood by while he said his prayer and whispered to him in his ear. Keep in mind the Doctor’s who were tending to the patient had told the family if he came out of the coma he would need speech and physical therapy. Well once her grandson woke up out of the coma and he walked out of the hospital on his own talking normally when the time came for his discharge. Another time Angelus went with me to Yale Children’s Hospital to visit my daughter who had undergone major back surgery for scoliosis. He calmed my wife and I down from our stress with the situation and each other including the nervousness we had in addition to this he helped my daughter relax through his conversations and prayer. Recently I have gone to visit him to discuss taking control of my life again and finding my peace. I have tried in the past, but wasn’t able to dedicate the time due to being very busy with college courses I was taking at night while working full time and tending to my elderly parents. Now is my time to shine and help myself then help others who may need me with Angelus’ guidance, direction and instruction. Please be assured by my testimonial is of just a few things I have mentioned that Angelus helped me with. Now is your time! J

With warmest regards,
Mark S. Rivera
Inside Sales Rep  “Consider it Done!”
Bridgeport, CT