The Secret!


WARNING: For those of you who live in guilt, suffer from low self esteem, cater to a philosophy, that teaches you to give up your birth rights of self control and personal responsibilities, or a religion that demands that your destiny and future is in the hands of someone/something else, then avoid any and all higher educational institutions, coaches, self help materials and web sites that refer to, and/or, teach about, “The Secret”!

“The Secret”, as implied by the video, has been around for several millennia.  But, then as now, it was known only by the very few.

Another fact to keep in mind is that out of those who know, “The Secret”, only a very few are actually applying it on a daily basis.  Historically, as  presently, only a small percentage of the populace ever embraced, “The Secret”.

Knowing of, “The Secret”, is not the same as understanding and using the mechanics of,  “The Secret”!  The video and book, “The Secret”, was written to make you aware of a different mind paradigm.  The book/video was not created with an explanation.  There are many web sites that claim to give you the how to explanation of ,”The Secret”.


The Secret is the understanding and application of Manifestation or Manifesting your desired in physical reality.  It has nothing to do with financial wealth, unless that is a desire of yours.


As mentioned above, “The Secret”, goes back to early civilization.  How ever, the true revolution for the masses did not start until the late 1800s.

This is a small list going back a century:

Fields of Diamonds by Earl Nightingale was the first to actually reach the masses through cassette tape back in the mid 70s.

Then there was “Seth Speaks, The Nature of Personal Reality”, channeled by the late Jane Roberts.  This was the late 70s & 80s attempt to get this information out to the masses.  Before that was Edgar Cayce in the late 18 century, early 20th century.

Not to mention, Think & Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, 20s & 30s, (still a best seller today).

The book, “The Law of Attraction” written in 1906. It is one of the most direct and concise books on the subject of how to manifest, that has been written in over a century. It is about 54 pages long.

Currently, Success Genie, LLC, at, has two courses called,”Unlock The Genie”, and “Master of the Lamp”, that teaches in detail the practical applications of, “The Secret”.


Why are people so interested in manifesting?
What is drawing them to learn it?
What is the attraction of manifesting?
Why Manifest?

On the surface, this question may seem obvious to many, it is actually a very good question. Through manifesting you become more aware of Whom you are in your Wholeness, (Divinity). The Creator manifested the Universe. As smaller parts of Creation, creation is our Divine essence. We are meant to create. Through creating and manifesting we expand and grow. We become more of Who we are.

The larger part of you, your Higher Self, your Source Energy, your Soul,…it goes by many names, patiently waits for you to begin the creation process. As soon as you do, by focusing on your desire, and choosing to manifest it, your Source energy goes to work doing its job – co-creating with you your desire. This is a major part of the secret to the law of attraction and creating the life you desire.

Why is it so frustration for people to try to learn manifesting from a book?
What are the perceived benefits one can create through manifesting?

For those out there who are interested in only the material aspects of life, to control things, people and the environment, or, to those who seek power & wealth, manifesting becomes an illusive subject.   Manifesting almost implies some kind of method that, once learned, will give manifesters all that they want and power over all they survey.

The problem for people of that mind set is that manifesting is not a process of methods or tricky skills to learn.  It is a journey of self discovery, growth and spiritual awareness.  The irony is, when you want nothing, usually, you can manifest anything!

Now, there are those out there that can naturally manifest their wants, but there is usually a negative repercussion.  Manifesting through the Source, using the engine of Desire is not the same as manifesting through a disconnected Ego and the engine of want.  We will talk later more about the difference between Wanting vs. Desire & Expectations vs. Intentions.


Many cultures, through the centuries have written great manuals to help the initiate(s).  You have heard of some of these great works like the Koran, Bhagavad Gita, Writings of the Buddha, the Holy Bible, & the list goes on.  Literary texts are to help the initiate focus his/her thoughts & to guide & inspire.  They were meant to be introductions to the path of becoming and manifesting not the path itself.  They are not written in a clear universal langrage for all who read them to understand equally.  Even, “The Secret”, does not fully explain the process because the Process is of another langrage & realm.

Becoming a Great Manifester will never happen through reading a book, watching a video, listening to an audio tape, or any external means.  It is like attempting to be a great skier or chess player by just reading books.  These are only shadows of what your Unconscious Mind KNOWS.  The Power to Manifest is found streaming through the conduit of the never ending Spring of LIFE.  This conduit is Us, (Humans); the Spring is the Univer
se, Creative Consciousness, God(s), etc.

If you were the last person on Earth, & all the books in the world were destroyed, the Spring of LIFE would still fill you, inspire & guide you to manifest the world a new.  Dr Wayne Dyer has stated, “There is a Spiritual Solution to every Problem”.  This is the definition to manifesting, for all manifesting starts from the Spirit, is guided & focused through the Mind; a plan is created, systematized & then taken action by the Brian & Body.

So, after you have read all you can find on manifesting go & find others who show proof that they are a natural manifester & let them guide your spiritual focus towards creating literally all you Desire.


“The Secret”…I Don’t Get It!?

Now what exactly is this secret of wealth so many books and web sites talk about!? It turns out to be a very common experience with all my client and students. Despite the fact that the ‘money making secret that has made fortunes for more than thousands of exceedingly wealthy individuals’, many people have reported great difficulty in actually locating the secret.   Total  Success eludes most!

In The Secret – the underlying scientific thinking is thoroughly explored. Hype, concerning the movie, The Secret, is all over the internet at present; and, there is no question about it, it’s a good movie too! The video is worth watching at least once.

But..many people who have watched The Secret, or read it,  just didn’t get-it!   The issue appears to be based on the word, Secret.  The premise of the learning, clearly is to convince you that there is a secret to find and that it WILL work.

Now, The Secret, like in the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill brings the readers to the choice receiving the secret.   You have to be ready to receive it other words.  The readers, and viewers, are allowed to discover it when he or she is ready to receive it. You must Imagine Success!.. But, How??

The simple answer is that in order to succeed in your purpose of becoming  rich and living a truly abundant life, you need to move from the business of study to the much more profitable business of Focused  Action.

We are not talking about action for the sake of action, or to convince your self that you are working at your business by being a workaholic.  Focused  Action is what has made many successful and self made millionaires in this country.  So if focused action is the secret, (The How), to The Secret,  what does Choice of Attitude have to do with anything?   It is changing your Belief about success!

To choice success, you must avoid false attitudes, (this is The Way),!   You know the old false words of wisdom that so many people have been brought-up with.  This false wisdom teaches us that being in the business of becoming wealthy is somehow morally or spiritually wrong.  Wealth corrupts absolutely!  Trust me, there is nothing morally wrong or unspiritual about the process of becoming rich.

Do Not Believe the following Attitudes:

  • The Attitude of money is the root of all evil,
  • Success is for the lucky and strong, or someone else,
  • I’m not smart enough,
  • I’m not wealthy enough,

To help you, a simple way to start changing these fasle beliefs is to repeat often, (no less than 3 times a day), the reverse attitudes.  Example: Money is definately not the root of evil, since it does so much good in the world.  This is a true Affirmation!

So..Here is the Formula of The Secret;

TS=B+Af(3)/F+Ac, or  Total Success = Belief,(understanding fasle attitudes), + Affirmation,(the reverse of fasle attitudes), x 3/Focused or applied Action

To summarize, there are three things you must do if you want to become successfully wealthy: you must first believe you have found the secret; then you must declare or affirm it; and finally, you must begin to apply it.