Manifesting Board

A board by any other name. I have used and still use a Manifesting Board.  In fact, must of my physical and financial success is directly related to how I use my many versions of Manifesting Boards.  You can say that the Manifesting Board is one of my most greatest and personal Secret Tool!

This very personal and powerful tool has been mention in the video “The Secret” and was the used as a vision board.  If these terms are new to you, then it is my intention that by the time you’ve read this article you will be familiarized with these terms and will also have a much better appreciation for how they can change your life for the better.  You will also know if you want to create one or not.

There are lots of different names for this tool which all have the same meaning. You may have heard it being called by a different name such as a dream board or manifestation poster. Whatever the name given to it, it is a tool to help you Manifest Your Desires. I mean quite literally make those things you desire the most materialize out of thin air!  I know this sounds very esoteric or ethical, but the Manifesting Board works off universal laws of Quantum Mechanics.

Let us first start off by creating one. There are several ways/types to start your own.  I will explain just one ways of doing a board.

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One version – A Vision Board

Before I begin, you must know the difference between your Wants and Desires.  So many people make the mistake of placing their wants for their desires, only to be disappointed by the out come.  The subject of wants and desires is too big a subject to cover here, so I will give a simple explanation for now.  Wants you can live with out, Desires you can not live with out.  For example:

Want = a car.  Desire = health.  There is nothing wrong in wanting things.  On the other hand, what makes more sense?  Do you first go after your life’s desires, (the things that gives your life meaning), or just stuff!?

Now, your first step is to write a list of what it is that you desire.  You need to write the list with you hand on paper.  There is some kind of magic, (quantum mechanic), that happens when you do this first.

If you don’t know what you do desire, then make a list of what you don’t want. By knowing what you don’t want, you can easily see the polar opposite and turn it into what you desire. For example:

I don’t want lot’s of bills >> becomes >> I desire endless streams of income
I don’t want to be without a relationship >> becomes >> I desire a compatible, loving partner
I don’t want my old job anymore >> becomes >> I desire a brand new rewarding and exciting career

The next stage is to go to your favorite search engine and type in keywords that relate to your desire. On most search engines there is a function where you can search for images only, select this feature and display images related to your search term.

Carefully choose some images that appeal to you and make sure they are images that really give you the greatest feelings.

Once you have your images, print them off, cut them out and stick them onto your manifesting board. You could make your board from:

  • A large white or black poster or foam board
  • Use a pin board and pin all of your images to it
  • A blank wall area

The location you place the board is very important.  Two places are best is the room you spend the most time at home in and your work office, (if it is allowed). You want your vision board to be close to you and in visual range as much as possible.

Home – Here are some examples:

  • Some where in your bed room were you will see it a pond rising and going to bed
  • The Kitchen
  • A work den/home office
  • If you have one – a exercise room or location

Home Office or Work Office – Here are some examples:

  • Behind your monitor
  • Behind your telephone
  • Close to your waste bin
  • Next to your printer

Just remember, the location must be were you will see it as often as possible!

Now you have your vision board, how often should you look at it?

15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening looking at and visualizing your desires.

You might feel great doing this. A better step is closing your eyes and taking the vision further than just staring at images.  Use the images to start off and then I expand them to the depths of your desires.

Remember, the purpose of this is to feel good and so if you look at an image and it doesn’t feel good then replace it with one that does. It is a trial and error process but when done repetitively it will be very powerful. Your Manifesting/Vision board should be an ongoing process for you and will never be complete as new desires will continue to emerge.  When your desires magically become reality, take that image off and replace it with a new one.  How fast the Manifesting is directly related to how often you focus on the board.  Also, the time it takes depends on the complexity of the image desired.  For example:

A brand new car might take longer then radiant health, or not.  It all depends on the individual.  But you got the picture.

As for me, and depending on the complexity of the desired item, my Manifesting takes a few days to a few months before I start receiving my desires.

The Manifesting Board is not intended to be the ultimate and only tool that you need to manifest. There are a lot of really great co-creators that do not use a Manifesting Board, and still get the same results.  I suggest that if it feels right for you – then create one. If you have doubts and you’re not interested in it, or you are not a good visualizer, then do not make one.

There are plenty of tools, devices and processes available to you that could be more powerful to you than a Manifesting/Vision Board.

The key point to making a vision board is to help you create powerful emotions within you. It is those emotions and feelings that are doing the manifesting, not the picture on your board.

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