Living In The NOW

Your power is always Now. So why would you give it away to the dead past or the unborn potential of the future!?

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Let In Now and Let Go of Thoughts of the Past and Future

What is this need to have things a certain way only to perceive things only through our self constructed mental filter? Why is our happiness based on things being a certain way in order to believe them? Why can’t we be happy or at least at peace with the way things are right Now?


There is never a “perfect” time in anyone’s life which lasts forever. And yet, our memories tend to title our bad times of the past with the lie, “Those Were The Good Old Days”?? There is no point in looking back, unless to gain practical knowledge. There is only the present to be concerned with, so why not enjoy this moment.


You wish to think of things to make yourself miserable or to disconnect you from your current circumstances, why?


The suggestion is not to avoid an unpleasant situation, but to be in the moment and deal with what you can “Now” and what cannot be dealt with Now……does not need to be thought of Now. All your needs will be met during the time that the situation dealt with.


Even when we have achieved so much on the outside of our lives, material wealth/assets, life is still not how we pictured it–it appears so empty?

And the realization with achievement that “more” achievement or material things still does not fill that empty space?


The answer is to learn to stop living in a future moment or a past moment. Accept things be as they are! Learn to accept them and you will find peace that you never knew xisted. For more information about The Power of Living Right Now email us at

Thank you Tracy Crossley.

How Do I Learn To Be In The Now??

Some techniques to use are as follows:

  • Stop and be present to what you are reacting to, see that your reaction, (although emotional), means nothing,
  • Know that you are not your mind and the mind runs to interpret things and make decisions out side your conscious choices, I repeat-YOU ARE NOT YOUR MIND,
  • While feeling the sensation/reaction, ask your self the question, “When did I make the decision to feel this way about…fill In the blank”, and riding it back to where the decision was made, at the original event, see it for what it is – which is usually you reading into the situation and it was really nothing,

Where Do I Go To Learn These Techniques?

You can contact us at, and we can advise you where to go to learn these techniques in more details.