Milford Chamber Lecture

The Seeds To Leads Networking Lecture 2011

This video is the last 10 minutes of a two hour lecture demonstrating that your Personal and Financial Success is not based on you Intelligence or Education, but on something more powerful, based in your Desires!

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This is Angelus Perez your Life Optimizer &  Thought Leader.

Here to share some interesting FACTS
How to come to know, align with and improve your Business Mojo!

But, Why Should You Care!?

Knowing these simple  FACTS  will bring Success in all areas of your life.


The #1 thing you need to know about creating lasting success.

Your Business Success, Your Social success comes from Your Mojo,  not through your education, business and life skills!

What is your Mojo!?

It is your Passion, your Conviction and/or your Original Desire.
With out knowing the basis of your Mojo, there is no real way to sustain joy and happiness in your Business and Life.  Even if you do make it to the top of your game of life, contentment may be difficult to maintain.

Also, what is your strategy to maintain on Top??

Einstein once said, “Energy can not stand still, it can only change states”.

With out a plan based in your Mojo, what comes up usually must come down.  Unless you redirect the energy flow through your Mojo.

What is messing with your “business Mojo?”

Let’s say that you are not at the top, or you are off on you game of business, what are the obstacles to your Bliss and Success!?

Your Mind Set & lack of knowing what your Personal Mojo is.

You might be asking, how do I get my business Mojo back into action and start making money right away?
Or, you may already be at the top of your business game and you want to know how to get your business Mojo back into action now and advance your empire??

Simple!  You must:

  1. Make Failure an option for Success.
  2. Focus on your Energy Management levels.
  3. Learn to shift your Mind Set.
  4. Learn about the Illusion of, “Making it Big”.