Hello, my name is Angelus Perez.

My mission in life is helping enlighten others to the fact that, “Personal Success is determined by your Personal Mojo, (Convictions), not by your Business brains, philosophies or education”!!

My unique ability is to recognize the distraction people have and show them how it affects their business growth and social life.  The distraction can be physical, mental and/or spiritual.

I am an accomplished corporate advocate, and a top sales support facilitator, consultant, inventor and visionist.

I work with Successful companies & individuals who are off on their business and/or life game and do not understand why.  They have an unseen obstacle in their lives that supplant all efforts to advance personally and/or expand their business.  With many tools, I help them balance out their lives & empower them to make their companies and life styles more successful than they already are.

I do this through my coaching, mentoring, lectures, workshops & other social medias.  I lecture, advise and consult with successful people on their beliefs and spiritual health.  I work with people of all cultures, faith, and education who seek me out to take advantage of my skills and experience in order to find either their higher purpose in life and/or their true inner greatness!

I am currently writing a book to teach the mechanics of what others have seen/read in “The Secret.

My past experiences and accomplishments are as follows:

  • I have a Electronics Degree from DeVry Institute of Technology & I’m certified in Neural Linguistic Programming.
  • I own a successful Business Coaching company called Success Genie, LLC and Entertainment company called Chimera Enterprise, LLC and it’s sister company YourCustomHauntedHouse.com/.
  • I was a property manager for a dozen properties,(six being mine), and understand the Real Estate Game intimately.
  • I am an expert on the Supernatural and Metaphisics due to past paranormal investigations that I was involved with, (example: The Amity Horror).  I presently advise lay people, clergy, scientist & other professionals on topics of Metaphysics & the Paranormal.
  • I have Read over 1000 books in the field of Religion, Self Development and Spirituality, (but my knowledge comes not from books but from field experience).
  • I was involved with a group of engineers, doctors & other health practitioners for the purpose of curing all diseases, especially all forms of cancer.
  • I coached doctors & other health practitioners how to improve their business, & services.
  • I have a belt in several fields of Martial Arts, which I use to help others manage their daily stress.

My present activities are as follows:

  • Presently, I have access to information and technologies that are completely unknown to a majority of the masses. To get a small glimpse of what I know well, go to the website  TheOneMatrix.com, click the two tabs,   Super-Science and Super-Genius & Health and The-Big-Wow .
  • I make my own home medicines, organic personal hygiene & cleaning products, and educate others how to do the same.
  • As a Health Adviser and/or Life Coach for the laymen, I am called on often.
  • I lecture & manageworkshops on Self Actualization/Self Improvement techniques and Meditation.  To get more information on this fascinating subject, go to the link TheOneMatrix.com.
  • I Design, Create & Manufacture prototypes for other inventors, Props & Displays for businesses & high end Movie Quality Replicas & Costumes, as well as Customize Specialized gifts for all occasions.
  • I own & operate the original & only portable Haunted House Attraction & Party  Maze in the country.