Walk With Me

When someone shares something of value with you and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.
– Chinese Proverb

Hello.  My name is Angelus A. Perez and I desire to share something very important with you…

What I have to share is not just my experience, my background, my knowledge, but more importantly my childhood Gift.

The Gift of helping others reach their next Apex, their next Grand Expression of them selves, or…

To put it into other words, to stir the sleeper in all of you and help you start the process of Self Actuation, (or Self Evolution).

I am not for every one, but I promise, if you are willing to follow me down the Rabbit Hole.

I will share certain Truths (based only in facts), that are not taught in any part of academia; These Truths can not be Googled nor read in a book. Anywhere but here.

  • Walk with me and learn how to, “Walk and Stand in your Spiritual and Mental Awareness”.

  • Feel with me and learn to Feel your True Self.

  • Play with me and learn how to experience the World anew, (as an adult), with the wonder and aw as you did when you were just a child.

Q.What is this thing called Self Actuation or Self Evolution, (Self  Awareness)!?

A. It takes on many forms and intellectual disciplines; and is too large a subject matter for just this one blog to cover.  So the the purpose of this blog is to make you all aware of these higher levels of learning.  This blog will not only educate and inspire you, but also lead you to other resources.  These resources will train you to Think, Act and Be the greatest individual that you can possibly imagine!  In fact, how great you can Be is beyond your imagination presently.


Q. So why should I care about finding my greatest potential, because I feel OK??

A. Ask Your Self These Questions:

  • I am successful in my life, but I feel something is missing!
  • Is there nothing else to my life but work and responsibilities??
  • What parasites are feeding off my failures!
  • I have a lot going for me, but why do I still feel empty?


  • What does spiritual awareness have to do with any thing?
  • Am I too old, too young, too inexperienced or anything else to learn these maxims and live my dreams?

Become the Architect of Your Success and Attract and Create Situations that Help You Feel Complete, Whole and at the level of Perfection. Yes Perfection!

Q. How do I do this, or What is my Next Step?

A. Enter your Name and Email on the upper right hands side of this page to join my newsletter.  That will allow us to begin a conversation to start you on the path to become the Master Architect of your world.